Artist Statement

Humans utilize the five senses to experience the external world; however, each person has a different perspective of the experience. A certain smell, sound, touch, taste, or sight can trigger an old memory or cause a new one, and we gain knowledge and new perceptions by experiencing things detected by or inferred from the senses. However, our perspective can be interfered with consciously or unconsciously.

For “Incomplete,” I have designed and created five body adornment pieces to feature the five senses. With each of these pieces, I have consciously interfered with a sense, causing the wearer to experience a dulling or dimming of that sense. The “viewer”, who does not experience the interference, recognizes the featured sense, thinks that he/she understands what is happening to the wearer, but continues to enjoy the ability to taste, touch, hear, see, and smell. The primary motive is to feature a sense, cause interference, and show that to activate the art piece you need at least 2 people participating. One to experience the object on their body and one to experience the sensation of closeness to the wearer and the object. A relationship forms and a sensory memory of the event begins. The participants will understand that a perception can change if they just look at things, people, situations and places from a different perspective.